Wanting to create the perfect Hamptons style kitchen that will be the envy of your friends and family? We investigate the key elements that bring these stunning kitchens to life.

Why a Hamptons Style Kitchen?

It’s no surprise that the popularity of the Hamptons style kitchen keeps increasing year on year. These stunning kitchens give an element of unwavering luxury and space while oozing the laidback and comfortable warmth that is common with its design. Clean, crisp with that all-important hint of coastal opulence, the this popular style kitchen is certainly an award winning and awe-inspiring design.

Referring to the coastal region in New York, well known for its strong history in coastal living, it was no surprise this sleepy fishing settlement quickly became a popular coastal destination. As the region became more popular, wealth quickly followed suit. Today, it’s well-known as the playground of and escape for the rich and famous. The Hamptons kitchen follows this rich history – coastal flare, mixed with traditional features and that all important feeling of pure indulgence.

The types of homes this style is best incorporated into are those with enough room to suit the space. Traditionally, this style of kitchen is open and large, with sweeping island benchtops and high ceilings. However, many smaller spaces have also adapted well to incorporate the timeless design.

Hamptons kitchen design represents coasting living at its greatest. Think plenty of natural materials, ample light and historic lines.  It’s about creating the perfect elegant space, with a hint of relaxed comfort and a whole lot of functionality – and the all-important coastal feel. These kitchens are the epicentre for entertainment and cooking while including a luxurious quality and creating a very inviting atmosphere.

Hamptons style kitchen in Turramurra, SydneyCabinets

The classic Hamptons style kitchen has ample storage and features a traditional Shaker profile. These recessed rectangular panels with a framed profile are a staple in many Hamptons inspired kitchens. It’s the epitome of sleek, traditional charm that adds warmth and an element of detail to the space. Not only do they look incredible, they are also very durable and add to the historic feel of the home, while staying true to the real history of the Hamptons kitchen.

Hamptons kitchen hallmarks include stunning and detailed cabinetry and mouldings. Popular choices also include recessed panelling, decorated corbels and cornices and statement handles. Conventionally these are true to their history of being of a pale nature, or a nautical inspired colour range. To make your cabinets stand out from the rest, bold handles are essential: from traditional knobs and shell designs, to the more modern features that accentuate your cabinetry and mouldings. Offset the colours to make a bold statement.

Benchtops & Flooring

Impressively large island benches are very popular with this design concept with a focus on sweeping benches that are light, bright and beautiful. Not only do they add a huge amount of prep space for the budding home chef, they also add to the feeling of openness plus can add extra seating for entertainment purposes. These, combined with large windows that stream with natural light, exposed beams and wooden features, can really make your kitchen design pop with inspiration and beauty.

Typically, Hampton kitchen benchtops are light in colour, with many homeowners now opting for the more natural look of stone or neutral tones of white, off-white or grey.

When trying to stay true to the natural themes of Hampton kitchen designs, flooring is typically timber or wooden in nature. With so many look-a-like options there is a wonderful range to choose from to create the perfect Hamptons feel. Wide planks tend to give the space a more country feel, while smaller planks can offer a modern element to the design.

Hamptons style kitchen in Turramurra, SydneyHamptons Style Kitchen Colours

Classic whites and creams have seen this kitchen design through to the modern day. However, with so many stunning colours now available in cabinetry it’s no surprise that today many Hamptons kitchens are embracing a wide range of beautiful colours. Many homes are now sporting darker, nautical-themed cabinetry with hints of blue, green and even coral alongside striking white benchtops. Other inspiring ideas stick to the more classic look of predominantly white or light sand coloured designs, while adding a splash of nautical flare through decorative features.

Tapware & Sinks

When it comes to your tapware and sink, making a statement holds true. Think natural colours of copper and ultra-sleek designs. Many also stick with the very time-honoured tapware, keeping in with the historical nature of the Hamptons kitchen aesthetic. With so many options, you can tailor a look that will maintain the design of the kitchen, while also making a proud testimony.

Farmhouse and butler sinks are a big “yes” when it comes to the perfect Hamptons style kitchen. Bold and beautiful with their bowl-front visible on the benchtop, they are a signature and statement piece for this kitchen. The biggest bonus of these types of sinks is that they also suit nearly every tapware option – regardless if you are sticking with the more modern approach, or historic feel.

An example of Hamptons style kitchen sink and tapware

Lighting Your Hamptons Kitchen

It is paramount with this design that there is ample light, from large glass windows or clever lighting options. It’s all about creating that light bright and breezy feel, while also keeping the space feeling warm and inviting.

If you are unable to introduce more natural light, statement pendant lighting can add that all important element while looking stunning. Consider utilising natural woods to add the element of nature and keep the space grounded. Clever cabinetry lighting can also illuminate the space, while giving that all important aspect of light to this kitchen design.

Getting Started

Creating the perfect Hamptons-style kitchen needs a little planning and expert advice, but with the right amount of space, knowledge and understanding, you can develop a jaw-dropping and envious space. When done properly, you could end up with a beautiful kitchen that radiates warmth, elegance and functionality at its very best.

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