If you have the space, why not make the most of it with a maxi kitchen! Not only do they have that WOW factor, but you can transform the hub of your home into a masterpiece fit for a king. Art of Kitchens investigates the design components to contemplate when considering a large kitchen.

If you are lucky enough to have the space, a large kitchen can not only add a huge amount of value to your home, but it can also be a stunning focal point that will certainly be the envy of your family and friends. Having a large kitchen space can seem like a daunting task to design. However, there are some key considerations when it comes to the design and functionality when working with a larger space. Layouts and placement of all the needed appliances are important to ensure the kitchen keeps with the flow and atmosphere of the entire home without looking out of place or too big.

Let’s face it…the kitchen is the hub of every home. Many can’t allow for all the great activities that can revolve around the kitchen as they are restricted by space. But if you’ve got the room, you can cater for everything! From entertaining, cooking, and more importantly eating. However, with more space comes the risk of creating a space that simply looks awkward and out of place.

Lavish Large Kitchen Layouts

One of the most important aspects of a larger kitchen is the chosen layout. This will determine where you cook, prepare, and serve your wonderful culinary creations. It’s also determines how the traffic will flow through the area and basically how the kitchen will function when in use. Layouts will determine where all the important appliances will be situated including sink, prep areas, kitchen cabinets, benchtops, and eating areas. If you are starting from a blank canvas this may also even include windows and doors.

A very popular layout for larger kitchens is commonly the U-Shape and Island Layout. This is well-known to be super sociable and allows for interactivity and multifunctional surfaces. Incorporating a large island bench is a great way to keep the area open with a good flow, while allowing you to face your guests (or keep an eye on the children) while you are busy in the kitchen. Large sweeping island benches are not only great food prep areas, but they can also offer seating areas for guests while doubling as a homework bench or office space.

The traditional triangle works well in the u-shaped design – allowing you to work in a triangle from the sink to the cooktop and refrigerator.

The U-Shape also allows for ample storage solutions and an additional bench area for all those needed appliances. Plus, with two entry points to the kitchen, it’s able to cope with the flow of traffic – cue the teenagers searching for after sport delights while you are preparing dinner. Double triangles can also help with this approach. Having one easy zone for pantry and refrigerator use while keeping the conventional triangle for the busy cook.

The L-shaped design is also a popular choice and designers can work with a zoned approach instead of the traditional triangle. This can be great for larger kitchens particularly if there is more than one cook busy helping the kitchen. This design concept is also a little more flexible and with the right professional advice, you can tailor the perfect design to suit your exact needs. G-shaped designs can also work well with larger kitchens and can offer the space to be more enclosed rather than a sweeping open approach with numerous entry points.

Double Triangles

Don’t feel bogged down by the traditional triangle approach. Sydney kitchens today can now boast an array of kitchen design concepts that can bend the rules and ensure the kitchen is still highly functional and perfectly suited to your needs. The double triangle approach also works well for busy homes. Consider the traditional triangle – cooktop, sink, and refrigerator – and an additional triangle from the cutlery, pantry, and fridge. Both can meet together at the refrigerator giving the perfect solution to a busy home and kitchen traffic.

Amazing Appliances

With a larger kitchen, your choice of appliances is endless. From double ovens and or stackable solutions you can incorporate many appliances to suit your taste and cooking needs. This can be tailored to the types of foods you are most likely to cook, or any additional features to add when entertaining – cue the wine fridge, additional and multifunctional ovens!

If you don’t want these visible in your everyday working kitchen, installing a hidden butler’s pantry could be the solution. You can add all the essential entertaining extras here such as additional refrigeration space, a cleaning area, and storage for all of your important extras such as glassware and crockery.

Some general rules do apply when considering where to pop your appliances. This placement not only keeps the chef safe and not obstructed during cooking times but also increases the overall functionality of the space. The path between your fridge, sink, and cooktop should not have any obstacles in the way. Making it easy for you to get what you need without walking through the entire kitchen space or fumbling over open dishwasher doors. For larger kitchens, this is very important, particularly if you have constant kitchen traffic.

Storage is also an important aspect of every kitchen. With larger kitchens keeping it simple and considering what you use the most, and having it in reach is important. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the extra storage points in your new space. Keeping it simple and contemplating the things you use the most is a good tip to guarantee they are in easy reach when it comes to the business of baking or cooking.

Love That Island

All larger kitchens will hugely benefit from a large island bench. No matter what layout you choose, an island bench not only incorporates extra storage space, prep areas, and an area for your guests to pull up a chair. They also offer a great barrier from the kitchen and allow the area to have a boundary. This is great when you are busy cooking and entertaining as they will stop others from coming into your zone.

Island benches also give you more freedom with your triangle as you can add sinks, or cooking areas onto the bench. But more importantly…they allow the budding chef to be a part of all the actions of the home. Regardless of that be it a ritzy entertaining episode or monitoring the children while they do homework or play.

Larger kitchens certainly add a luxurious and openness to kitchen design. With the right guidance, you can create the perfect kitchen that will compliment your entire home, while offering a multifunctional appeal that can be perfectly designed to suit your exact needs.

Art of Kitchens has expert design staff on hand to help you navigate and maximise your large kitchen. Plus, we manufacture all our own joinery and manage every aspect of your project from start to finish. Find out more today!