Art of Kitchens is always finding creative ways to deal with awkward kitchen corners and spaces to increase the available storage for customers. Recently Houzz published some great ideas about dealing with these awkward kitchen corners that we though we’d share with you. We’ve also put together a gallery of kitchen corner solutions that Art of Kitchens has photographed.

Kitchen corner solutions

Whether you’re working with a professional or tackling the process on your own, designing a kitchen can involve a lot of decisions. Kitchen corners are one area where it’s easy to get stuck. You may want to save money with a standard cabinet. You may want swinging pullouts to eliminate bending and reaching. Or you may not have the space for either option. If you’re struggling to make up your mind or are unsure of where to start, don’t stress. These 13 solutions will help you pick out the most efficient and functional option for your kitchen. Read the full article at Houzz »