Customers regularly ask us for small kitchens, so we thought we would profile a couple of our award winning, small kitchen designs and discuss what makes them work; proving that small doesn’t mean less. In inner-city terraces and apartments, space is usually limited meaning you need to think innovative layouts, efficiency,  smart storage solutions, integrated appliances and more.

Inner-city terrace kitchen

This kitchen is in a terrace in inner-city Sydney. Typically terrace houses have narrow dimensions, so efficient use of space was crucial to the success of this project. To achieve this Art of Kitchens kept to a minimal theme whilst creating ample storage through the use of  floor to ceiling custom cabinetry and installing a pantry under the stairs. Other elements that help to make this small kitchen design a work so well is the frameless and handle-free cabinetry, mirrored kickboards and splashback and recessed wine rack. This kitchen won two awards for small kitchen designs. » Find out more about this kitchen.

Northern beaches kitchen

Walk-through or galley style kitchens are common in many apartments limiting your kitchen layout options. This fantastic kitchen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches makes optimal use of the space with floor to ceiling cabinets to maximise storage and the island increases the workable benchtop areas. Kitchen appliances are integrated into the cabinetry so not to block exits and again, reflective splashbacks and kickboards create the illusion of a larger space. This kitchen won a Kitchen Design of the Year award and an for Innovative use of Materials award in 2012. » Find out more about this kitchen.