The May 2015 edition of Architecture Update features two recent kitchen renovations by Art of Kitchens. This second article features our 2014 Cammeray kitchen that won the HIA Kitchen of the Year award.

What Architecture Update said about this kitchen renovation

Hammond’s kitchen renovation in Cammeray, designed by Ole Jensen, is pure exhibit of real craftsmanship. The design seamlessly merges into the environment of the house and the combination of materials provide a sense of balance and harmony into the space. The designer had added the ‘wow’ factor by inculcating visual elements from the surrounding rooms into the kitchen.

Designing an ornate kitchen that does not looks like a kitchen might seem an impossible task and Art of Kitchens took on this challenge to create a striking room in a lovely Cammeray home belonging to The Hammond’s. The space available for the kitchen renovation was bright, large and long. The existing design had timber cladding everywhere and was closed off in a U-shape.The owners sought a flexible working environment for everyday use and for entertaining guests and to integrate it with the surrounding rooms. They wanted their kitchen renovation to function like a kitchen, yet not look like a kitchen.

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