Modern Kitchen - Whale Beach

The owners of this Whale Beach kitchen called for a modern space that embraced its outdoor surrounds with subtly and sophistication.

As well as breakfast seating, this professional couple wanted a sleek, open and inviting area with a central island bar. Both ample storage and bench space was a critical inclusion as well as maintaining light access to the views. The design is an exquisite linear kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows and clean symmetrical lines. A play between warm, cool and textural finished creates a luxurious and innovative space.

The heart of this kitchen is the centre island bar, designed to appear as if floating, using a combination of mirror kickboards and recessed lighting.

The striking American Walnut veneer is featured around the bar, offset with Vivid White polyurethane on the opposite cabinetry. There is an appearance of seamlessness due to the clean lines of symmetry and the absence of handles.