We were happy to see that over 60% of the 2,854 homeowners rated ‘integration with the rest of the house’ as the most important design aspect for their kitchen renovation in the 2015 Kitchen Trends study released this week by Houzz Australia.

David Bartlett, Director and founder of Art of Kitchens has expressed this as one of the most important considerations when redesigning your kitchen.  “Time spent considering how the kitchen should complement the overall home, and how it needs to function ultimately creates a living space shaped to the needs of the client. This attention to detail is always evident in the end product”, says David.

Asquith Kitchen Design | Art of Kitchens 2420Kitchen storage

Kitchen storage and organisation was the major functional priority in the kitchen with 63% of homeowners looking to include a pantry as part of their renovation and over 70% wanting to update to modern kitchen storage technologies such to manage pots and pans and kitchen cutlery and utensils.

Kitchen styles

Kitchen design Eastern Suburbs | Art of Kitchens 2544We were interested to see that contemporary kitchens the clear winner in this study with 55% of respondents opting for a contemporary kitchen style in white. This goes against a trend our kitchen designers have noticed: a combination of contemporary/modern with traditional styled kitchens  “regularly we are being asked to combine Traditional and Modern styles as homeowners are starting to move away from very sleek and stark kitchens to wanting kitchen spaces that are warm, homely and reflect themselves” » read our kitchen trends late 2014.

More trends

To view more trends in this report, click through the slideshow below or download the pdf file at Houzz Australia.