The 2015 kitchen design trends forecast from Laminex, leading distributor and manufacturer of decorative surfaces, is for the return of Oriental design, ranging from exotic Indian themes to subtle Japanese tones to the vibrant colours of Chinese design.

These trends are backed up by Pantone’s trends forecasting team – new seasons colours offer “more creative options, color and style coordination in home interiors…”

Avalon Contemporary KitchenLaminex is forecasting a greater variation on the Pantone colours (pictured above), the suggest: “Begin with creating a calm, neutral backdrop or injecting nature and tranquillity through wallpaper. The soothing tones of jades, pinks and purples with the grandeur colours of Chinese regal reds and bold hues of gold, create balance and a laid-back ambiance.”

Art of Kitchens has seen this trend emerging during 2014 with an increasing amount of customers wanting a splash of colour in their kitchens and bathrooms. More Moroccan than Oriental, our recent renovation of an Avalon kitchen has splashes of bright colour and has been very popular across all social network channels.

Read more at Laminex and view the Pantone 2015 interior swatches.