Kesha Pillay, a kitchen designer at Art of Kitchens was recently asked what she feels the kitchen design trends will be for 2015 by Houzz the online architecture and interior design community. Following are Kesha’s predictions for 2015. You can also review the full article on Houzz.

Kesha’s Kitchen design trends

Kitchen design trends 2015

Modern Traditional style mixes colours and textures.

New style: Modern Traditional

Regularly we are being asked to combine Traditional and Modern styles as homeowners are starting to move away from very sleek and stark kitchens to wanting kitchen spaces that are warm, homely and reflect themselves.

Conventionally traditional kitchens stick to one colour pallet; with modern traditional we are mixing colours and textures.

This trend is affecting everything from cabinet design to colours, materials to textures; we are really mixing it up. Flat-panel cabinet doors are being replaced with classic door profiles (e.g. Shaker). Materials are being mixed: stainless steel with timber, timber with marble. In a recent renovation we were asked to design a kitchen to suit a traditional Hamptons style home. However the owner didn’t want the traditional style kitchen so we have created a mix of white and charcoal and used precious stone for the island benchtop.

We are designing kitchens with custom canopies with under mount range hoods and steering away from glass splash-backs instead using tiles. We are moving away from chrome handles, and replacing them with black, pewter and brushed nickel.

Kitchen design trends

Open shelving can be a practical solution to kitchen storage

Open shelving

Another one of the kitchen design trends we are seeing is a trend towards using open shelving as a practical solution to kitchen space rather than simply for display. Clients want spaces that are friendly to use; open shelves put everything on display so you can clearly see what’s where.

Homeowners seem to be moving away from minimalistic styles where shelving has been hidden to more practical and functional spaces.

Open shelving personalises the space making it feel lived in and warm whilst keeping the kitchen functional and easy to use. Of course there are always some things that you don’t want displayed and combining open shelf cabinets and cabinets allows you to still hide things if necessary.

Textured / Imperfect materials

There’s a move towards using more textured and tactile materials. While a kitchen may look good, if it feels good too it will stimulate their senses…

Kitchen design trends

Timber with textured finishes and stone in honed finishes.

Trends we are seeing are natural marbles and granites in honed finishes and engineered stones that replicate raw finishes such as Caesar Stone’s Sleek Concrete which has slight imperfections mimicking concrete and a textured finish which makes it not only aesthetically pleasing but easy to clean and maintain.

Textured timber – timber is still and will still be a trend in 2015 but we are now looking at finishes that represent timber in its natural form rather than timber with a high gloss or smooth finish. For example the Impressions range from Laminex.

Minimising wall cabinets

Open plan kitchens are now being designed with fewer wall cabinets; obviously this depends on the size of the kitchen and storage for the client.

The trend to have open plan kitchens have been a choice for clients for the past few years, but minimizing wall cabinets emphasises the openness of the kitchen, especially if there are windows taking advantage of views, gardens or a custom designed range hood.

The open plan kitchen is now fusing with the open plan lounge and dining areas, even leading to outdoors entertaining areas.

Kitchen design trends

Open plan kitchens are being designed without wall cabinets

Design tips

  • Have a realistic budget in mind when seeing a kitchen designer; if you’re unsure of what an average kitchen costs, ask them!
  • Designers will design to suit your needs, wants and budget. By giving them an idea of what you would like in your kitchen as well as your budget, they will be able to give you the best advice on how to achieve your desired look.
  • Don’t be afraid to be upfront with the designer of what you like and dislike with their designs.