Many homeowners choose to upgrade kitchen appliances when completing a kitchen renovation and we are often asked for our recommendations. Buying large kitchen appliances is an investment and one that needs to considered decisions.

In August this year, Art of Kitchen’s David Bartlett spoke with Home Beautiful Magazine about the main considerations when choosing an oven or cooktop. This week, Houzz Australia features our award-winning Mosman kitchen in an article by Anne Ellard about choosing an electric oven that includes some excellent tips to help homeowners decide when choosing an oven or cooktop.

With so many models on the market, choosing a new oven can be a daunting experience. You find yourself asking questions like: What’s the difference between the two types of electric ovens, conventional and fan-forced? Why does one oven model cost so much more than the next? And what’s better, a built-in or a freestanding oven? Anne Ellard.

Choosing an oven or cooktop