Houzz Australia recently had a great article discussing the ins and outs that is worth reading if you are thinking of a handleless kitchen for your new kitchen or renovation.

Is a Handleless Kitchen Right for You?

As an interior designer, handleless kitchens are one of the most popular requests I get from clients at the moment. There’s something about the clean and effortless look of a handleless kitchen that homeowners seem to love, particularly in contemporary kitchens. Some may not know, but it was a reasonably popular choice for homeowners in the 1970s too; and now it’s gained popularity again, particularly over the last few years.

If you’re keen to do away with handles, then consider how you might achieve a handleless kitchen design without compromising on practicality. After all, you don’t want to bothered by having no handles to grab and open drawers and cabinets quickly when you’re running around the kitchen in a tizz! » Read the article