This Greenwich kitchen design manages to marry an innovative style with the functionality that is a necessity in any kitchen. Not only is it an area where cooking is an absolute pleasure, it also enhances the overall look and feel of this magnificent Sydney home.

There are plenty of kitchens out there that are practical and plenty of other kitchens that boast stylish and unique good looks. But the best kitchens – those that combine both of these aspects – are often much harder to find.

From every angle this kitchen captures the imagination and at night is spectacular with the changing colours of the LED lighting above the splashback. The smooth texture of the cabinetry finished is sleek and works well with the lines of the kitchen.

The painted glass doors on the overhead cabinetry are set off with a shadow line feature in veneer running horizontally across all doors. A clever cut-out in the room divider allows a spectacular view of the harbour when sitting at the island bench. It’s a magnificent backdrop to enjoy while sitting down to a relaxed breakfast or enjoying a few cold drinks with friends.

But if you go beyond the purely aesthetic aspects of this kitchen, it quickly becomes obvious that it is also extremely practical, with massive amounts of storage and generous bench space. Integrated refrigerators and a large pantry are hidden in the feature veneer wall to help with the streamlined look.

The layout is also pleasingly open and spacious, offering plenty of room for two or more people to move around. The impressive amount of light and fresh air in the area helps contribute to this open and welcoming atmosphere.


Benchtop CaesarStone
Splashback CaesarStone
Kickboards Timber Veneer
Overhead cabinets Painted glass panels / timber veneer
Other cabinets Polyurethane & timber veneer
Internal Hardware Blum
Sink Vera Style
Lighting LED strip lighting under cabinets
Oven Ilve
Cooktop Ilve
Rangehood Schweigen
Refrigerator Electrolux