Too much kitchen storage is never enough. Even if your kitchen is beautiful, new and large, or all three, if it’s not organised and doesn’t have sufficient storage options, it’s going to be the source of daily frustration. Nothing feels as good in a home as a kitchen that boasts well-designed storage solutions. So, what are the internal storage and organisation options available, and how do you make clever use of every part of your Sydney kitchen? Well, if you’re looking to build a new home or thinking of renovating your kitchen, these 5 ideas may help get you on the right track.

Storage idea #1: Open shelving

Kitchen storage & organisation ideas for Sydney home ownersWith open shelving, everything – including cookbooks, glassware, crockery and decorative items – is on display. For some, that’s a good thing – it forces homeowners to be neat and tidy, and edit their kitchen essentials down to the bare minimum – Marie Kondo would be proud!

Both decorative and functional, the modern trend of open shelving also makes a kitchen look light and bright – it really opens the space visually.

If you’re hesitant to fully commit to open shelving, how about dedicating part of your kitchen, for example, overhead cabinetry, to open shelving? That way, less attractive items, or those that aren’t frequently used, don’t have to be displayed in such an orderly manner.

Once you commit to the idea of open shelving, speak to your kitchen designer about material choices – these range from simple and streamlined floating timber shelves, to metal, glass, gloss or even marble that matches your kitchen benchtops.

Storage idea #2: Deep drawers

Deep drawers help you store more kitchen items, and more easily store unusual or large utensils & applicancesMore and more homeowners are opting for drawers over cupboards when it comes to below-the-waist storage – this option has become a modern kitchen staple and can utilise wasted space. Deep drawers ensure that you don’t need to rummage around at the back of your cupboard, to access hard-to-find kitchen items.

Deep drawers allow easy access to heavy items such as pots, pans and crockery – trust us, your back will thank you. Meanwhile, smaller-sized drawers can hold cutlery and knives in trays and custom compartments. Especially when compared with cupboards or regular-sized drawers, deep drawers can provide more flexibility and storage capacity. This means you have more options when it comes to what you store where.

This flexibility can lead to less wasted time trying to find the right appliance, utensil, pot or container.

If opting for drawers, it’s important to invest in high-quality drawer runners so that drawers don’t come off the rails or become damaged. Purchasing soft-close drawers with a lifetime guarantee is money well spent, and will add an extra layer of luxury (and comfort) to your kitchen.

Storage idea #3: Cabinetry choices

Be sure to choose the right type of kitchen cabinetry, to get the most from your storage optionsSome homeowners prefer overhead cabinetry with closed doors, so that any mess is hidden and not so exposed. A happy medium may be cabinetry with glass fronts.

Well-designed kitchen cabinetry will incorporate defined spaces for crockery, cutlery, glassware, pots and pans, baking items and plastic storage, in a mix of both overhead and under-bench cabinetry.

Speak to your professional kitchen designer about your storage needs and preferences before planning your kitchen cabinetry.

Tip: Consider where you want each item to go based on how often it’s used. Store lesser-used items on the highest and lowest shelves, depending on their size and weight, and store frequently used items such as plates and coffee cups at an easily accessible height, and near the dishwasher.

Storage idea #4: Pantry perfection

Well-designed and organised pantries can be a life-saver for your kitchen!A good-sized pantry for food is a must. Separate goods into zones such as baking, drinks, sauces and condiments, snacks etc to make preparing and locating food items simple.

In narrow yet deep pantries, pull-out drawers work and allow easy access to the back of the space so that items aren’t forgotten. Meanwhile, adjustable shelving is a great option for shallow pantries.

If you have the space, a butler’s kitchen adjacent to the kitchen keeps the main kitchen clutter free and aesthetically pleasing. It’s the perfect area for meal preparation and hiding dirty dishes and saucepans, and also accommodates the functional everyday elements of a kitchen.

Tip: Use the entire floor-to-ceiling space in a pantry for valuable storage.

Storage idea #5: Address wasted space and hard-to-reach areas

Don't forget areas of wasted space - maximise your storage options!To maximise cupboard storage, don’t forget the hidden benefits of wasted space. Consider fitting shelving into corners and on the backs of doors. The kitchen island is also full of potential storage – customise it to your needs by incorporating extra drawers and cupboards.

Difficult-to-use space between two cupboards can be utilised with a blind corner cupboard. To minimise hard-to-reach areas, invest in clever corner cabinetry solutions such as a Lazy Susan, the innovative Hafele Kessebohmer or LeMans corner system, rotating shelves or a corner walk-in pantry.

Final thoughts

A final tip – when planning your kitchen’s storage and organisation options, take note of how much food you store, and the amount of crockery and kitchen items that you have, so that Art of Kitchens can work out how your storage will best work.

To take your kitchen storage to the next level, speak to the kitchen design professionals at Art of Kitchens.