Wondering what a modern kitchen design involves, and what features set it apart from the rest? We take a look at this wonderful style of kitchen and how you can best incorporate it into your next kitchen project. 

Modern kitchen designs are becoming a very popular choice for many new homes, and kitchen renovations. It’s all about creating streamlined, simple design alongside minimalistic styling and open spaces. These kitchens are sleek and clutter-free, boasting flush doors and lots of flat surfaces. Good quality storage is a must designing modern kitchens. If you have the space consider utilising a butler’s pantry – to keep all the benchtop clutter cleverly hidden to ensure those bold lines flow throughout the space with no interruption.

The Rich History of Modern Kitchen Design

The modern kitchen design started at the end of World War 1 and has now grown in popularity since the mid 20th century. During these early days, electricity and gas were not in good supply, so the kitchen was more a small and dark place to attempt to prepare food. However, once these common comforts became a staple in many kitchens, the design and functionality of the kitchen was revolutionised and the trend has now spread across the globe.

Modern kitchen design in Sydney

The modern kitchen reached its height of popularity in the 1950s and many of the standard features of frameless flat cabinets with very minimal trims are still popular. Today’s kitchen designs are breathtakingly stunning. Bold angles and curves create interesting focal points and good even flow in a beautiful open space. They are not only the hub of the home, but look like a piece of art.

Key Design Features

Modern kitchens consist of man-made materials such as high-end veneers and laminates, unlike traditional kitchens which tend to focus on natural products, such as wood, for cabinetry and other features. The modern kitchen is all about transforming highly functional and cutting-edge materials and bold and beautiful colours. They incorporate the latest technology and materials to create a stunning and functional kitchen.

Flush, flat cabinets and contrasting colours create a wonderful and modern edgy space. Natural features have certainly found their way into the modern design trend, with focal points and different textures, such as stone benchtops. However primary the design is made from man-made products that add to the undisturbed lines of the design.

Contemporary vs modern kitchen designs

The contemporary option certainly can contain both traditional and modern features. However, the modern kitchen tends to stick within its realms of being sleek, flat, and focusing on those angelic angular lines. They tend to stick with bold streamlined colours with very minimal patterns. Think bold splashbacks in one colour rather than patterns or tiles.

Designing the Perfect Modern Kitchen

If you are wanting to create a modern kitchen the key is clean lines, simple styles, and open space. They are highly functional kitchens with streamlined focal points and very little ornaments or benchtop clutter.

Think new-age trending materials and design concepts; new technology and new materials. They are the cutting-edge of trending veneers and laminates, porcelain, and appliances, or sleeker styles of appliances from stainless steel or customised colours to match your cabinetry. It’s all about creating those seamless lines and clean space.

Create the perfect modern kitchen design

For smaller spaces, pull-out pantries are also a great addition to a modern kitchen. Not only are they accessible from both sides they can easily fit into a smaller modern kitchen and reduce the clutter. Plus, they are flush again the panelling staying in focus with the whole flat feel of the space. Ample storage is paramount to ensure you have an organised space and keeping your benchtops free of kitchen appliances. Large kitchen draws can work well, as they allow you to keep all of your larger items in easy reach while also looking pristine and fresh.

Under-cabinet lighting is also a good feature to add to any modern kitchen. Not only will it make the space seem brighter and lighter they are also a must during food prep times. Splashbacks can be contrasted to offer an interesting focal point in your kitchen while big sweeping and highly functional island benches can offer a great multi-tasking space.

Beautiful streamlined cabinetry that can run from floor to ceiling will create strong undisturbed lines and help create an element of space.

Another important thing to consider for your modern kitchen is the functionality of the space. Items such as power, USB charging points, and any extra technology that you want to add to the area are important. Consider asking yourself:

  • What do I want the space to do? Will it just be for cooking and prep, or entertaining and a possible workspace?
  • How much space do I have to achieve this look?
  • What about budget? What are the must have’s and the features that could be transformed?

If you have a nice blank canvas to work from, your modern kitchen can easily come to life with some expert advice from a good kitchen designer. It is highly recommended for all revamps and renovations that you call in the professionals. Many times they will have ideas that will completely transform the space and leave you in awe of the modern kitchen project you can develop. Small or large these kitchens are open and inviting. With lots of storage, strong bold lines, and clever cabinetry.